How do I purchase via GETBATS

How do I purchase via GETBATS
  1. Search for your favourite store, e.g. Lazada , then click "Shop Now" button
  2. It will then direct you to the respective store/app page.
  3. Shop as usual, Pay as usual
  4. After payment, your rebates will be tracked automatically. You may track your rebates from GETBATS "Floating Rebates" in 1-3 days.

If you do not find any record from your Shopping Activity, please file a Missing Rebate Report to [email protected]

Important Note:

  • GETBATS must be the last link you clicked before making your purchase. If other website links are clicked after clicking through GETBATS, your rebates will not be tracked.
  • Do not switch in and out in-between websites/apps after starting your Shopping Trip via GETBATS.
  • Do not close the app until the Order Confirmation page is fully loaded.
  • Please return to GETBATS and click through the merchant again if you wish to make a new transaction from different stores. (E.g. if you are making 2 separate transactions from the merchant, you are required to click through GETBATS 2 times, each time before a new purchase is made )

Additional Info:

Once the merchant approves the purchased amount, we will add your Rebates to your Floating Rebates. It usually takes a little time for the merchant to confirm that your purchase was completed. Depending on the merchant, this can take from a few seconds to several days.

Do note that as the Rebates award is dependent on our partner store's purchase validation, Rebates reserves the right to cancel or delay your Rebates payment should a partner store alter their policies or delay their Rebates payments. We will, however, do our best to ensure the Rebates reaches you on time!

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